Malaysia Tour

Mainland Malaysia is one of the most sophisticated destinations in South East Asia. The glitzy shopping malls of KL, the old world charm of Malacca, the lush, cool hill towns of the Cameron Highlands.

Things to do in Malaysia

  • 1Watch the sun rise from the summit of Mt Kinabalu
  • 2Go on a hawker food crawl in Penang
  • 3Try not to sniff the world's largest flower, the Rafflesia
  • 4Sleep local-style in a traditional Iban longhouse
  • 5Get face to face with a cheeky orangutan

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Malaysia

Cross the South China Sea to visit the other Malaysia – the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo. A place of dense jungles, where orangutans swing in the tree tops, where networks of caves finger out underground and where headhunters used to roam the forest trails. These two different halves of Malaysia – the wild and the urbane – combine to make this one red-hot travel destination.

But if you need another reason to visit Malaysia, think about Roti Canai – those delicious, flakey flat breads served with a little dish of dipping curry. That's about as yummy as food gets.

Experiences in Malaysia

From trekking in steamy jungles to cooking up bowls of slurpy noodles, Malaysia has an adventure tour for everyone. Outdoor adventures are thick on the ground, particularly in Borneo. Trek up Mt Kinabalu, snorkel amongst tropical fish, spot monkeys and orangutans in the jungle and explore Mulu Caves. If you're after something a little more cultural, try learning about Penang's trading history, sipping tea in the Cameron Highlands or exploring the fort ruins of Melaka. Any Malaysia tour will introduce you the beauty of this country (and its delicious cuisine).


The summit of Mount Kinabalu may be the grand prize, but there are plenty of walking and jungle trekking tours in Malaysia that are less sweaty and strenuous.

Family Tours

Soak in hot springs, watch orangutans play, snorkel off beautiful beaches and sleep in an Iban longhouse – Malaysia is a great family tour destination.

Food Tours

Malaysia is a multicultural country where Indian, Malay and Chinese cuisines collide in a rich and delicious way. KL, Malaka and Penang are the cities to hit on a food tour.

Wildlife Tours

Orangutans are definitely Malaysia's wildlife drawcard, but don't neglect the rich birdlife of the jungles and the colourful underwater world of the tropical coast.


Cruise through the jungle on a journey down the Kinabatangan River, keeping your eyes open for proboscis monkeys, Bornean elephants, kingfishers and mangrove snakes.

Orangutan Tours

Tour Malaysia's jungles to try to spot orangutans in the wild – but make a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan Centre to guarantee face-time with these cheeky intelligent critters in the wilds of Borneo.

Multi-country tours

Combine your Malaysia tour with an exploration of Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand to bump up your complete South East Asia travel experience.

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