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A birthplace of innovative ideas and social progression, visitors to Madrid will be arrested by the startling architecture, the royal appeal and the presence of history pervading every corner.

Things to do in Madrid

  • 1Luxuriate in the surroundings of the opulent Royal Palace of Madrid.
  • 2Walk the beautiful lawns and paths of Paseo del Prado.
  • 3Be humbled and relaxed by the domes of Basilica de San Francisco el Grande.
  • 4Are you a romantic? The Museo del Romanticismo is the place for you.
  • 5Leisurely meander around Parque El Capricho with your friends, lover or your own company.

Visiting Madrid

A city that inhabits your body, sinks into your spirit and frees your mind is truly a location worth pursuing. Cosmopolitan and modern, the resident Madrilenos are relaxed and welcoming, coining the pastime of a midday siesta to escape the heat. The city is colourful, vibrant and loud, with bustling personalities and never ending parties, inviting and seducing people of all persuasions to join the underground or city square festivities.

Must-See Places

  • The Prado Museum
  • Edificio de Correos
  • Cerralbo Museum
  • Cycling/Biking/Walking the streets of Madrid
  • Retiro Park

Culture connoisseurs will be spoiled for choice, as the Prado Museum houses the finest and most extensive collections by renowned art maestros and the Sorolla satiates the appetites of post-impressionist lovers; though the pinnacle of Madrid design, Edificio de Correos, will steal your breath, lock it up and dispel any shred of travelling cynicism you may be harbouring.

Don’t miss the muted majesty of the Cerralbo Museum, as you cruise around on foot or by bike or absorb the sights of the Metropolis towering proudly over onlookers and pedestrians, before relaxing on the verdant lawns of Retiro Park.

Madrid is languid with things to do and extras to see, tantalising taste buds and imaginations worldwide with its active progression and jovial atmosphere.

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