Located off the colourful confluence of Africa, Madagascar is an island nation residing in the Indian Ocean, attracting nature lovers and curious adventurers from the world over, marking a true melting pot of environmental shifts and luscious, arid and aquatic landscapes.

Things to do in Madagascar

  • 1The serenity of a private beach just for you and your beloved on Sakatia Island
  • 2The glimmering bustle of Nosy Be markets at midday
  • 3Explore the emerald brilliance of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
  • 4Absorbing the traditional essence of Ranomafana
  • 5Honour ancient Madagascar and visit Mahafaly’s Tomb

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Madagascar

Visiting Madagascar

The roads are rickety and worn with foot traffic, tyres and stories long past; the cuisine will spice your tastebuds to the top of your mouth, leaving little to the imagination, and the people? There is no equivocal host in the world, as the gracious and friendly Madagascan; a tapestry of cultures, religions and sensations await the most curious and carefree among you.

Tedium barely translates into the native Malagasy, where those who have so little by our standards, live beyond the limits of satisfaction, indulging their eyes, ears and tastes of the natural geography of Madagascar.

Teeming with quirky animals and distracting plant life, Madagascar is home to an intense biodiversity, as five percent of the world’s flora and fauna can only be exclusively found on and around (don’t forget the ocean and riverways!) Madagascan soil. Tighten your boots, snap on your favourite swimwear underneath and set off to explore the magnificent 450km of barrier reef thriving beneath a turquoise surface.

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