Luxor Tours

Things to do in Luxor

  • 1Visit the Luxor Temple with its amazing ancient Egyptian symbolism
  • 2Travel along the Avenue of Sphinx to see the remains of over 200 sphinx that once lined the avenue.
  • 3Be astonished by the Temples of Karnak.
  • 4The Temples of Karnak is the Hypostile Hall is a must see.
  • 5Explore Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens.

Visiting Luxor

Luxor is bustling, dusty and romantic, steeped in Ancient Egyptian history and lauded as the Jewel of the Nile. Nowhere else will you discover such an extraordinary and spectacular ancient city of monuments, temples, giant figurines and architecture.

Must-Do Activities

  • Luxor Temple
  • Walk along the Avenue of Sphinx
  • Temples of Karnak
  • Great Temple of Amun
  • The Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens
  • Colossi of Memnon

The city is divided into 3 separate fascinating sections; in the centre is Luxor Temple, one of the must-see features on any Egyptian tour. Guarded on either side by vast statues of the warrior pharaoh Ramses II, the Luxor Temple contains a wealth of ancient Egyptian symbolism. If you are up for a walk, travel along the ancient Avenue of Sphinx and sample the wonder of the Temples of Karnak.

This vast area of temples, monuments, statues and obelisks was considered by the ancient Egyptians to be the most sacred place of worship. Hypostile Hall in the Great Temple of Amun. The great hall houses 134 massive papyrus columns rising 15 metres towards the sky; many of the columns are engraved with ancient decorations, representing the heroic exploits of the Pharaohs. At night, the Hall comes to life with a magical light and music show; unforgettable.

Across the Nile lurks the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, where Pharaohs were buried alongside their families and jaw-dropping treasures; visit Tutankhamen, the widely recognised boy king, discovered in the 1920s. And on the way to the west bank, you’ll pass the Colossi of Memnon, two giant crumbling statues that stand around 17 metres tall. Made from two massive granite blocks, the carvings represent the prominent Amenhotep III of Dynasty XVIII. You’re familiar with his legacy, you just don’t know it yet.

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