Loire Valley Tours

Things to do in Loire Valley

  • 1Enjoy the exquisite light show, Chartes En Lumiere.
  • 2Become a lord or lady of the manor, touring the Chateau de Langeais.
  • 3Be daunted and dazzled by the majestic Chateau de Amboise.
  • 4Escape the tourist crush in Logis Royal de Loches.
  • 5Explore the newly revived Chateau de Chinon, the home of ancient Kings.

Visiting Loire Valley of France

You’ve been to Paris, sampled Bordeaux, experienced Marseille and now you’re satisfied…Or are you? Though nothing is reputed to surpass the brochure delights of France, we have packaged a destination that will command your attention, steal your heart and whisk you away to another world – or more particularly, a rural paradise.

Loire Valley is a nostalgic insight to aristocratic France, referred to the Cradle of the French Language and renowned as an international treasure. UNESCO were so enraptured by the orchards and vineyards lining the Loire River, they felt compelled  to protect and cultivate the flourishing area, for its history, beauty and exceptional qualities, from the fruity aromatics of the Spring air, to the grey domes and lush grounds of Chateau de Valencay. 

Must-Do Activities

  • Cycling tour
  • Cathedrale de Chartes
  • Musee Jules Verne
  • The last home of the great Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Chateau de Meung sur Loire 

Take up a bike and cover some ground, winding around the neat towns once coveted by a star cast of ancient civilisations and conquerors, from the Visigoths, the Romans, to Attila the Hun; every Loire Valley excursion must include a quintessential cathedral tour, and the Gothic beauty of Cathedrale de Chartes is unparalleled.

Preserved and inspiring, the stained glass windows are a magical vista to be beheld and the detailed carvings will soon inhabit your imagination. History buffs will be well pleased, from the last home of the great Leonardo Da Vinci, to the treasured inventions of Musee Jules Verne; though the fertile vineyards offer tangible distraction, the Chateau de Meung sur Loire is steeped in Roman tradition, taking adventurers down into the bowels of the dungeons and back again, highlighting the everyday lives of its inhabitants during the 12th century.

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