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We have a special place reserved in our hearts for the provincial Limbang, a transit town of travellers hoping to cross the Headhunters Trail; small places often hide secrets that beg to be explored, even for a couple of days, before moving onto grander things, crowded with voices and other people, hoping for the same opportunity you’ve spent five minutes perfecting.

Limbang is a quaint cherry on the top of the southern Sarawak region, crammed between competing arms of Brunei and bursting with possibilities. Not every adventure has to steam ahead one hundred percent of the time; why not let Limbang massage your cares away before descending on Mulu Natonal Park?

Must-Do Activities

  • Hire a bike and ride through Limbang
  • Kampung Meritam for adventure riders
  • Mulu Natoinal Park

After dumping your bags at one of the many home-stays or hostels, make some time to frolic in the mud, as Kampung Meritam produces natural, soothing mud baths to absorb and draw the ill humours of constant travel from your skin. Relax. Lay back. Get dirty.

If you’re feeling active and spy the mud slides before anyone else, be aware, all those who slide cannot stop, slopping into the mud with glee. After you’ve revitalised your skin, wallowed enough and regained your sense of composure, clean-up in the showers provided. Feeling active? You cannot visit Sarawak, even Limbang, and not climb astride a two wheel, you-powered locomotive; bikes are a big part of the tourism market, cheap to hire and no further cost required.

Kampung Meritam is the perfect place for adventure riders, offering a series of tracks and paths, depending on your skill level. Don’t be afraid to see the countryside! 

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