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Things to do in Lijiang

  • 1The Mosuo people have a unique and wonderful culture – take some time to experience it
  • 2Wander through the old town and experience its beautiful architecture – it is a UNESCO Heritage Site for a reason
  • 3Enjoy a beer with the locals in the old town in the evening
  • 4Spend some quiet time exploring Mu’s Palace, an ancient building filled with unmatched tranquillity and an incredible history
  • 5Hire a local guide and have them take you through the outlying mountain ranges

Visit Lijiang

With beautiful surroundings, a UNESCO Heritage Site and a fabulous range of choice for eating and exploring, Lijiang is a city suited perfectly to real travel enthusiasts. Take the time to explore the surrounds, with beautiful mountain ranges and spring waters bubbling forth.

The ‘old town’ of Lijiang is over 800 years old, and is a UNESCO Heritage Site filled with cobbled streets and a surprisingly lively nightlife. Try your best to get lost in the orderly streets, mixed with rivers and bridges so picturesque you may need to bring a second memory card.

Must-Do Activities

  • Experience the culture of Mosuo people on the banks of Lugu Lake
  • Indulge in the local cuisine
  • Mu's Palace

The streets are bordered with centuries-old houses, and you can take the time to absorb the incredible history and culture surrounding you in this quaint Chinese village. Here is a fantastic place to pick up keepsakes and unwind from your busy travel schedule.

Take time to visit some of the outlying sites of Lijiiang. Travel to the Lugu Lake, experience the beautiful environment, and witness the Mosuo people, a matriarchal society living on the banks of the lake. If you time your visit well, you can visit during one of their many annual festivals. This is a truly unique cultural experience, and one not to be missed.

When you return to Lijiang, take a bit of time to experience the local cuisine, before gearing up to enjoy the lively local bars and pubs.  Recover the next morning by visiting the incredible Mu’s Palace, a palace built originally in the 1300s to accommodate the local rulers in the area.

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