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Things to do in La Boca

  • 1Catch a soccer game at La Bombonera.
  • 2Watch a street performance and heckle the actors at the Caminito.
  • 3Sample the street food and compare it to restaurant quality parilla.
  • 4Revel in the creativity of the neighbourhood and watch artists work.
  • 5Snap a few colourful pictures of the buildings.

Visiting La Boca

The corner artist culture has caught on in Argentina, as La Boca rises to the top of must-see lists and tantalises the creative fantasies of colour mad travellers. La Boca lives up to its literal translation – The Mouth – serving as a podium for Argentinean thespians and talented artisans, lined with cobblestones and a pastel rainbow of buildings. The river mouth could also have something to do with the name, though logic is nowhere near as exciting, and La Boca is driven by its passions.

Though the frayed edges of this Buenos Aires suburb are reminiscent of a Latin Cheapside, La Boca retains its pull through irreverence and a firm grasp on the unexpected. Soccer fanatics rub shoulders with art tragics, as La Bombonera heats up with a spirited match and street hawkers go into overdrive, trying to pedal their wares.

Although everyone loves a good trinket, just back away and say a firm no. Hang out by the Caminito, a make shift stage built by a community minded local, encouraging impromptu pieces and local theatre. Though it may not look like much, Caminito remains a firm attraction in these parts, as artists and performers still utilise the space.

Try a parilla (they’re everywhere, try El Obrero for a true taste sensation) and bask in the unashamed brashness of the neighbourhood; you’ll struggle not to become addicted.

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