Kyoto Tours

Things to do in Kyoto

  • 1Indulge in the tacky and dress up as a sumo at Eigamura.
  • 2Wander the wooden tea houses of Gion and marvel at the modern geisha.
  • 3Enjoy an ancient Japanese custom and experience a shado tea ceremony.
  • 4Stencil in some fun time at Kyoto International Manga Museum.
  • 5Go shopping in the famed and modern Shijo precinct.

Visit Kyoto

Far flung from the industrial pulse of Tokyo, the stalwart Kyoto hides its true nature underneath an unassuming veneer; while history may be over-rated to some and rarely factored into holiday hot-spots, the transcendent atmosphere of the former Imperial capital bewitches unsuspecting visitors with a dazzling array of parks, temples and reverberating lanes of traditional markets and tea houses.

Very rarely will you travel the edges of magic and oriental myth, as smoke and mirrors lurk on every corner, and elegant masterpieces of yesteryear decorate over one thousand Buddhist temples, punctuated by opulent structures, peaceful gardens and the wafting aromas of local –and international – cuisine.

Must-See Places

  • Lake Biwa Canal
  • Kinaku-ji Temple
  • Ginkaku-ji Temple

Begin your journey on the banks of Lake Biwa Canal, absorbing the installations of the site museum, before walking with the animals in the adjoining zoo.  At a leisurely pace (fast, furious and full on isn’t in the Kyoto spirit), make your way to the iconic Kinaku-ji, a gold leaf temple framed by lush, emerald scenery and a shimmering lake, so clear and peaceful, it’s as if the surface mirrors the sky itself. If you favour a slither of silver leaf instead, head to Ginkaku-ji, a delicate zen temple worked wondrously into its scenic backdrops.

Fancy a challenge? Solve the riddle of Ryoan-ji! The random distribution of fifteen rocks among billions of sand grains has stumped everybody for most of the modern era, rendering academics speechless and travellers puzzled by the odd beauty of this prestigious zen garden.

From a thriving geisha district, to the quintessential spiritualism pervading the city, Kyoto is dedicated to lovers of elegance, tradition and esoteric curiosities. You know you can’t resist.

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