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Things to do in Kuching

  • 1Take in the view from the top of Mount Santubong.
  • 2Bask in the splendour of the Sarawak Orchid Garden.
  • 3Explore the Sarawak Cultural Village.
  • 4Stroll along the striking Kuching Esplanade.
  • 5Celebrate the whacky world of cats at the Cat Museum.

Visiting Kuching

There are some places that dive into the imagination, planting seeds of wanderlust, curiosity and adventurous desire, guiding our hands as we save for a holiday and draw up another bucket list.

Kuching straddles the divide between clustered and quaint, rollicking with activities, attractions and highlights you know you have to see, lest regret takes a bit out of your subconscious. The capital of the famed Sarawak region on the luxuriant island of Borneo, Kuching is splintered by the Sarawak River, creating a north and south bank, with very different characters.

Must-See Places

  • Semenggoh Nature Reserve
  • The Fairy Caves
  • Kubah National Park

Though an analysis of neighbourhood dynamics may fly on any other site, Kuching is heavy with wonderful wildlife and the resulting stories of traveller experiences. Semenggoh Nature Reserve is an oasis for our fuzzy haired cousins, swinging from branch to branch, extending their long limbs until a tactile hand clasps a vine and the game continues; their wide, brown eyes will beseech you for fruity treats should you experience one and you’ll be lost in just how human their faces are.

Similar to Semenggoh, The Great Orang-utan Project strives to balance public access and viewing times, with true rehabilitation and protection; though may not see an orang-utan (it’s a zoo, after all), there is a vast array of interesting wildlife to make your trip worthwhile, including the sun bear and binturong! If you aren’t completely enchanted by the environmental efforts of Kuching, the Fairy Caves will no doubt move you to speechlessness, before making the journey to Kubah National Park.

Hikers will love the variety of trails, though some are certainly more difficult than others; all offer a wonderful experience, passing through fertile landscapes and stopping by the spray of a waterfall or two. Kuching, outside of the urban sprawl, sparkles with magic and passion.

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