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Things to do in Krabi

  • 1Swallow your terror and climb the limestone formations in the bay.
  • 2Work on your tan on the beautiful Phra Nang Beach.
  • 3Get out on the water and explore the channels and beaches by kayak.
  • 4Take time out lapping the competition at Krabi Kart Speedway.
  • 5Swim with the elephants at Nosey Parker’s Elephant Camp.

While you sun yourself poolside in Phuket, spare a thought for the amazing time you could be having in Krabi, the ultimate Thailand experience most of the travelling world hasn’t quite discovered yet; although, you better pack your bags and get in quick, as the coastal jewel will soon steal the thunder from underneath the Adanman archipelago. From Tiger Temples, sailing sojourns to uninhabited micro islands, Krabi will seduce even the most travel weary among us.

If the nooks, crannies and curves of twining caves appeal to your latent sense of fear challenging adventure, the compressed though beautiful passages of Wat Tham Sua will sate your caving desires, set among an overgrown swathe of jungle. Alternatively, you can brave the crowds and descend into the depths of Pranang Cave, a gloriously appointed people magnet on the edge of Ao Nang. Not really up to caving? Cool off in the clear, crystal water of the Emerald Pool; the colours are absolutely breathtaking as you dive in, stand on the shore or take endless photos with your camera phone – why not all three? Cobalt blues and rich green waters are a common sight in Krabi, as  snorkelling and diving tours around the Phi Phi Islands provide an endless distraction; if you’re interested in well-trodden tourist paths, try a night of kayaking under a blanket of stars, after watching a spectacular sunset from the shores of Tup Island. Krabi is a cornucopia of activity; pack your energy reserves and sense of fun and allow the landscape to soothe the worries of the normal nine to five grind.

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