Kota Kinabalu

Things to do in Kota Kinabalu

  • 1Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is the key to your orang-utan dreams.
  • 2Appreciate the bio-diversity of Sabah on-board the Semporna River Cruise.
  • 3Para-glide around the Kokol Hills and view the city from above.
  • 4Add a thrill and spill to your days and go white water rafting on the Kiuku River.
  • 5Scuba dive the depths of Usukan Bay and swim the sterns of WW2 battle ships.

Visit Kota Kinabalu

The concrete jungles and expatriate wildlife of Kota Kinabalu, or KK, appeal to modernised senses, offering a respite from the overwhelming wonders of Malaysia’s lavish rainforests and ecological talking points. A veritable hub of nightlife and culture, KK is nestled neatly between Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park and archipelago namesake Mount Kinabalu, towering over the Sabah capital to the East.

Must-Do Activities

  • The Scenic Borneo Railway
  • Beaches of Tanjung Aru
  • Kota Kinabalu Bird Sanctuary

KK attracts travellers on the brink of discovery, basing themselves in the commercial centre and catching a quiet moment or a Western comfort, people watching by the park or immersing their senses in sophisticated and four-walled culture. Museums, art galleries, botanical gardens and spiritual temples underlie the fast forward veneer of the KK everyday, suggesting a great reverence for the past and a keen gaze on the future.

For a peaceful Kota Kinabalu tour, book a ticket on the Borneo Railway and chug through the green carpeted countryside, disembarking on the golden beaches of Tanjung Aru, six kilometres from the KK CBD. After happy-snapping a signature Borneo sunset – fierce colours and endless skies – take wing at the Kota Kinabalu Bird Sanctuary, the last remaining stretch of mangrove of a once prolific and complex habitat.

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