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Koh Yao is a perpetual laid back paradise, floating in middle of Phang Nga Bay, lurking off the coast of Krabi; a pristine sanctuary reserved for those of you who desire a sandy space without the crowds, the social electricity of Phuket or the extreme development of Koh Samui. Simplicity. Natural beauty. The conversation of Thailand as it was, before people boarded planes on a whim. Eco-friendly and proud of it, Koh Yao has attracted international attention for its dedication to environmental protection.

Searching for a hotel-ridden island of loud music and late hours? Koh Yao is not for you. Travellers come to capture the serene atmosphere cloaking the island, charmed by welcoming locals and a balanced perspective toward commercial development; there’s not a single bank in sight, let alone a five star resort! It’s difficult to imagine somewhere so small can host a respectable list of activities and sights for you to enjoy; dive below the crystalline surface and snorkel the bold marine park, board a Pinisi sailing boat and ride the gentle lapping waves around the great obelisks jutting toward the sky or indulge in a Muay Thai lesson, attuning your body to the meridians of balance and power. Do you feel like just chilling out, taking a load off and getting some sun? Koh Yao is powdery white sand and long ever-summer days; why not sample the fresh fare at Coconut Island and enjoy a fiery sunset?

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