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Things to do in Kanchanaburi

  • 1Contemplate the bravery of WII POW’s and cross the River Kwai Bridge.
  • 2Feel the heat of history and visit Hellfire Pass Museum.
  • 3Be enchanted by the ruins of Prasat Muang Singh
  • 4Cool off under the rapids of Pha Tad Waterfall
  • 5See the world through the eyes of an elephant at Taweechai Elephant Camp.

Few are afforded the pleasures of authentic Thailand, beyond the dazzling spectres of Chiang Mai and the postcard destinations of scattered islands; Koh Samui, Phuket, Bangkok, the traditional checklist grows stale. Are you searching for an injection of historical adventure, elegance and provincial charm, without the European price tag? Go no further than Kanchanaburi.

Framed by swaying sugar cane fields, the limestone slopes in the distance obscure a collection of rare treasures and mind blowing experiences; though you may feel compelled to view the confronting Thai-Burma Railway. Kanchanaburi is a bewitching contradiction. As you admire the rolling River Kwai and skip across the surface on a bamboo raft, absorb a lingering sense of historical trepidation as the Death railway looms and you are transported back in time. Complete the journey with a visit to the Thai-Burma Railway Centre and gain a little perspective pacing the natural aisles of headstones, recording the legacy of the fallen at the Kanachanaburi Railway Centre. The trials of the POWs is a lot to take in; ponder their experiences and your own place in the world with a trip to Sai Yok National Park and finish your trip on a rubbery back, as an elephant plods along beneath you. 

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