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Things to do in Kampot

  • 1Stroll around the centre of Kampot to see examples of early colonialist architecture and the variety of markets available.
  • 2Visit Bokor Hill to experience the cool, refreshing breezes and view the crumbling remains of French colonialist’s mountain retreats.
  • 3Take a tour to Bobokvil Falls and have a picnic lunch as you watch the water cascade over the rocks.
  • 4Experience the amazing crystal formations inside Phnom Chhngok caves.
  • 5Take a tuk-tuk ride around the salt and pepper fields to see how a staple of our diet is produced.

Kampot is located in the south of Cambodia, sharing a border with Vietnam to the East and the Gulf of Thailand to the south. Compared to its more northerly counterpart, the crowded and densely populated Sihanoukville, it’s hardly surprising that Kampot, with its serenity and beautiful surroundings is often considered to be the “Emerald of Cambodia”.

The provincial town of Kampot is the gateway to a variety of historical and natural attractions, but a stroll around the streets of Kampot itself is of interest because of the crumbling beauty of so many of the colonial buildings.

Inside Bokor National Park you can visit Bokor Hill, where early 1900s style homesteads were erected by French colonialists in 1922 as a means of escape to the cool, refreshing mountain air and the wonderful views.

On the trip through Bokor National Park you can stop to take in the Popokvil Waterfall. The best time of year to visit is just after the rainy season so you can see the falls in all their glory. The more adventurous can try a rock climb down through the falls but the rocks are very slippery.

On the opposite side of Kampot town you can visit the Teuk Chhou rapids. Although this area is commonly referred to as Teuk Chhou waterfall, it is, in fact, a series of naturally cascading rapids with crystal clear, refreshingly cool water. Along the paths that lead to the falls you’ll find a wide variety of food and beverage vendors to satisfy any palate.

The Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple is another must-see.  The rich green rice paddy fields, the friendly locals and a glimpse of Cambodian life makes the trip even more worthwhile.  After climbing some stairs, the brick temple is situated at the entrance to the caves; a couple more stairs and you’re inside the limestone caves where guides will show you the shapes of animals that appear to be carved out of the stalactites and stalagmites.

Kampot is famous for its salt and pepper production, with areas set aside for cultivation of these spices just outside the main township. Hire a tuk-tuk, which will guide you around these fields and show you any other attractions you’d like to see for just a few dollars.

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