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Seasoned adventurers and globe trotters often regale jealous friends with European tales and jaunts around Asia, considering themselves the ultimate in intrepid and all things quirky. Enter Jordan, a sunburnt nation state squeezed between Syria and Iraq, attracting those fascinated with the dusky history of the area or travellers who seek a holiday out of the ordinary.

Very few cities in the Western world can claim such a diverse and extensive lineage, as Jerash has witnessed the inhabitants of civilisations both great and fallen, dating back to the early Bronze Age.

Must-See Places

  • Witness Greco-Roman architecture in the Temples of Zeus
  • Walk the market places of modern Jerash
  • Explore the ancient quarter

Modern Jerash is comfortable with its Eastern identity, a thriving community of migrants and regional locals, the market place is truly an experience to savour. The air is laden with spicy, musky aromas, as lamb and chicken dishes marinating in their juices, pleasing the patrons of Al-Khayyam restaurant.

Just beyond the city limits is the ancient quarter, imposing on the skyline as cameras flash. After having your fill and refreshing yourself with a rest, delve into the ruins of ancient Jerash and explore the Temples of Zeus and the amphitheatre, as the Greco-Roman architecture steals your breath away.

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