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Things to do in Japan

  • 1The buzzing capital of Tokyo
  • 2Traditional culture in Kyoto and Nara
  • 3Samurai village and ancient statues of Usuki
  • 4Dive the coral reefs of Okinawa
  • 5Hit the ski slopes of Niseko

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Japan

Visiting Japan

Fast-paced cities and tranquil temples, slow and studied tea ceremonies and super-fast bullet trains, cutting edge fashion and kimono-clad geishas, Japan blends the ancient with the ultra-modern in a rich cultural and artistic heritage fused with futuristic attitude.

Must-Do Activities

  • Tokyo
  • Experience culture in Kyoto and Nara
  • The Mountain town of Takayama
  • Usuki, the samurai village
  • Climb Mt Fuji
  • The coral reefs of Okinawa
  • Ski at Niseko
  • Fine dining and great nightlife of Osaka
  • The tropical jungle of Iriomote-Jima 
  • Witness Sumo wrestling

Marvel at the quirky street fashions and excellent restaurants of the capital, Tokyo, take a dip into traditional culture in the cities of Kyoto and Nara (which alone boasts eight UNESCO World Heritage sights) and the charming mountain town of Takayama, tour a samurai village and 1300-year-old Buddha statues in Usuki, catch the bullet train to climb tranquil Mt Fuji, dive the coral reefs of Okinawa, ski at Niseko, enjoy the fine dining and great nightlife of Osaka, trek through the tropical jungle of Iriomote-Jima and soak in hot springs at an outdoor onsen (traditional communal bath). Then there's sumo wrestling, kabuki theatre, wonderful traditional gardens, palaces, shrines, temples and museums filled with artistic riches.

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