Istanbul Tours

Things to do in Istanbul

  • 1See the beauty of Istanbul’s ocean up close and personal by going diving in allocated areas.
  • 2Beauty spas and wellness centres are in no shortage here, so drop by one for a relaxing massage or a pamper session to get your holiday under way, the right way.
  • 3Need something a bit more exciting? Istanbul is known for its great nightlife hotspots including an array of jazz clubs and pop music nightclubs.
  • 4Take a tour through historic areas of Istanbul with locals who know the area best.
  • 5The East meets the West, Istanbul is a great place to take in a mixture of cultures.

Visiting Istanbul

The third-largest city in the world, Istanbul has captivated the hearts of millions with its remarkable ocean views and beautiful old mosques that have been established for centuries. Ancient buildings blended with modern galleries, museums and nightclubs, this destination screams to the avid adventurer or persistent partier, or both.

Situated on a transitional climatic zone, those visiting Istanbul can bask in a unique mixture of Mediterranean climates, subtropical temperatures and oceanic wonderlands. Put simply, Istanbul is perfect for anyone who loves to do anything outside.

Must-Do Activities

  • Cruise through Bosphrous Strait
  • Miniaturk Amphitheatre

Take a boat cruise through the Bosphorus Strait or visit the Miniaturk amphitheatre – some mini monuments for a big lesson in history. Other great things to do are entertaining old-time photos, seeing a soccer game at the Turk Telekom Arena or simply lazing by the beach.

Get your stuff and get over to Istanbul – the place that has it all. Speak to one of our experienced adventure consultants, dedicated to finding you the best travel deal for your adventure tour to Istanbul. Email Us or find the nearest My Adventure Travel..

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