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Things to do in Israel

  • 1Pay your respects at Yad Vashem: Israel’s Holocaust Museum
  • 2Feel completely weightless whilst floating in the Dead Sea
  • 3Watch the sunrise from the top of the last Jewish holdout, Masada
  • 4Find quiet time at the stunning Baha’i Gardens and World Center
  • 5Get the true Bedouin experience by camping in the middle of the desert

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Israel

Visit Israel

Israel. The Holy Land. A destination where past and present intertwine, and shifting truths and historical narratives plague its people. Tightly fit amongst Jordan, Egypt, and Syria, Israel is what is best described as a visually, spiritually, and historically layered country; this intensely driven land will stir travellers to the core – and that is meant in the best possible way.

Situated on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, one is not to assume Israel falls under the scenic spectrum of its Mediterranean neighbours; surrounded by mountains, dry and dusty deserts, thriving cities, and remnants of another time, this narrow land is exceedingly dramatic and diverse.

Must - See Places

  • The capital city of Jerusalem
  • The desert fotress of Masada
  • The Crusader castles in the Galilee Mountains
  • The Dead Sea


While Israel itself is relatively new, its capital city, Jerusalem, has maintained massive appeal for pilgrim travellers for many a century. It’s not surprising to see why; playing a sacred home to three major monotheistic religions including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, Israel sets the scene for a divine journey back through time.

For a traveller wanting to get the full experience, one can’t deny the pull of the Holy City and its wailing wall, or the ancient desert fortress of Masada and the Crusader castles in the dense woodlands of the Galilee mountains.

And while you’re at it, you can’t exactly forget to peacefully float in the lowest point on Earth – the Dead Sea; with high salt levels, you can be forgiven for not wading through the water with abrasions.

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