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Things to do in Iran

  • 1The awe-inspiring ancient city of Persepolis
  • 2Beautiful gardens of Shiraz
  • 3The magical city of Esfahan
  • 4The fascinating bazaar of Tabriz
  • 5Persian carpets of Yazd and Kerman

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Iran

Visiting Iran

Once the centre of the vast Persian Empire, modern Iran is a country with much to delight and surprise if you are seeking a truly unique and diverse adventure holiday experience.

Book an adventure tour to Iran with MyAdventureStore and experience an ancient and sophisticated culture, warm and fascinating people, extraordinary remnants of ancient civilisations, the physical grandeur of the country -- from the Zagros Mountains of Central Iran to the deserts of Kerman - and beautiful traditional handicrafts, including the exquisite handknotted Persian carpets of Yazd and Kerman.

Must-See Places

  • Zagros Mountains
  • Deserts of Kerman
  • Handknotted Carpet shopping in Yazd and Kerman
  • Tehran, the capital city
  • The ancient city of Persepolis 
  • City of Tabriz

From the hectic modern capital of Tehran, take a step back in time to awe-inspiring Persepolis, the greatest surviving masterpiece of ancient Middle Eastern civilisations, Shiraz, the heartland of Persian culture renowned for its beautiful gardens, Esfahan with its wonderful teahouses, glorious architecture surrounding Imam Square and famed bridges, and the sprawling city of Tabriz with its fascinating bazaar. Most Iranians are Muslim but a minority hold to the ancient Zoroastrian religion that predates Islam and a visit to a Zoroastrian fire temple is a must.

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