Tours by Inle Lake

Things to do in Inle Lake

  • 1Try your calf at leg rowing and get an impromptu lesson from a friendly local.
  • 2Be revived by the go-slow synergy of Nyaungshwe and sample the mountain ranges in the distance.
  • 3Sink your teeth into hydroponic tomatoes, grown on the lake. The biting sweetness will take your breath away.
  • 4Pick up a trinket on one of the floating markets; be careful not to overbalance!
  • 5Discover countless hidden pagodas along the Inle Lake.

Visiting Burma's Inle Lake

Nyaungshwe is a sedate, sleeping fishing village buffeting and hosting droves of travellers every year, as they flock to appreciate the simple, natural splendour of Inle Lake; spanning a welcome mat of emerald fields, valleys and vegetation, before halting before a thriving marshland, absolutely teeming with fascinating animal life. Pancakes and pasta, salads and Western fare abound here, as tens of restaurants, guesthouses and hotels vie to keep abreast of a roaring trade.

A small -town on the water, stilt villages make use of the aquatic environment and haul in the freshest seafood you’ll ever taste, delighting many visitors with floating markets and gardens, balancing a fine line between life and the river floor.

Bid goodbye to the pervasive stickiness of the rest of Myanmar, as the silvery sheen of the water’s edge creates a cooler afternoon experience; you won’t be sweating your last scull of water away within moments of sipping it up.

Inle Lake and Nyaungshwe are not for the fast paced or do-something-a-minute traveller; delve deeper into the serene channel and put along on a motorised canoe, letting the day run away and spend the night sampling a hearty meal, talking with friends and enjoying life, as it is in one moment.

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