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Travelling to India is like stepping into another world. Women in bright silken saris jostle with racing rickshaws. Dreadlocked holy-men weave between oblivious cows and motorbikes that are laden with implausible loads – sometimes with several family members on board, too. More than a billion people call India home and sometimes it feels like every single one of them is on the streets at once.


Any of our adventure tours in India will leave you breathless. You'll explore sumptuous architecture, vast deserts, towering mountains, busy cities and beautiful beaches. Every region has a different flavour and each one is more delicious than the last. It's a land overflowing with contrasts. On an India tour, you'll need to brace yourself and hold on tight – then dive into to the magical abyss.


At My Adventure Travel, we have put together a huge line-up of India tours from Australia. Explore our adventure tours in India below and get in touch with one of our experienced consultants to start planning your perfect India tour today.

Things to do in India

  • 1Visit the intricately-decorated palaces of Rajasthan
  • 2Tuck into the fiery curries of beachside Goa
  • 3Take a hair-raising rickshaw ride through Delhi
  • 4Sleep under the stars in the Thar desert
  • 5Discover the kama sutra temples of Khajuraho

India Must See

  • Feel awed at the pure beauty of the Taj Mahal in the busy city of Agra.
  • Explore southern India – cruise the pretty backwaters of Kerala and chill on the beaches of Goa.
  • Bask in the glow of the sparkling Golden Temple of Amritsar.
  • Take a yoga workshop or cruise on the River Ganges in the spiritual city of Varanasi.
  • Tour the architectural highlights of Jaipur – the glorious Palace of the Winds and the Amber Fort.

Experiences in India

For an introductory India tour, visiting the Golden Triangle is a good place to start. The Golden Triangle is the well-travelled route between three of India's travel highlights – the hectic city of Delhi, the city of Agra which is home to the Taj Mahal, and the beautiful pink city of Jaipur. If you are looking for a more in-depth exploration, think about joining an adventure tour in India that takes you palace-hopping in the colourful cities of Rajasthan, riding a camel into the Thar Desert, or chilling out in the laid-back towns of India's southern coast.

For food tours, India is the perfect destination. You'll learn so much about India's rich flavours, regional cuisines and cooking techniques. A cycling tour of India will get you fit while you experience India at street level. Whether you choose a grassroots India tour or a 5-star retreat worthy of a Raja, there’s so much to see in this incredible country.

Festival Tours

India sure knows how to throw a party. Join a festival tour of India to join in the colour throwing mayhem of Holi or the Hindu celebration of Diwali, the festival of light.

Family Tours

Show the kids a slice of life in a country so different from their own – a family tour of India will be an education as well as an adventure.

Golden Triangle Tours

An India tour exploring the classic Golden Triangle – that's Delhi, Agra (home of the Taj Mahal) and Jaipur – is a great introduction to this colourful land.

Wildlife Tours

Visit Kaziranga National Park to spot Indian rhinos and Ranthambhore National Park to look for the Bengal tiger. The rich wildlife you can spot as you tour India will surprise you.

Cycling Tours

Tour India by bike to get right in amongst local life – cycle along the banks of the quiet backwaters of Kerala or between the elaborate palaces and forts of Rajasthan.

Yoga and Spa Tours

Ayurvedic therapies, massage, spa treatments, yoga, meditation – India is the home of all things wellness. A spa or yoga tour in India offers the chance to slow down and centre yourself.

Overland Adventures

India is massive and there’s so much diversity between north and south. Get off the beaten track and into the heart of the country on an epic overland adventure tour in India.

Walking and Trekking Tours

Want to walk, trek or climb in India? Go north to the Indian Himalaya – the mountainous region of Ladakh is vast, serene and spectacular and provides the perfect setting for an India trekking tour.

Multi-Country Tours

Head into the mighty Himalaya and explore the kingdoms of Nepal or Bhutan – or cross the South India Sea and combine your India tour with a Sri Lanka exploration.

Food Tours

Tour India foodie-style – try sadya served on plantain leaves in Kerala, Goa’s chilli-laden seafood, or settle in for the feast of your life at a wazwan banquet in Kashmir.

Taj Mahal Tours

Just about every Indian tour will take you on a Taj Mahal tour – this iconic memorial to love is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

In-Depth Tours

Visit the golden temple of Amritsar, get amongst the camel fair of Pushkar, take a boat trip to the lake islands of Udaipur, discover the palaces of Mysore or chill out in the lush botanical gardens of Bangalore – there is so much to discover in a cultural India tour.


Take a tour of the "Golden Temple" (Harmandir Sahib) in Amritsar, India.

Before you travel to India

Before embarking on an overseas adventure to India, brushing up on your general knowledge will make your India tour a whole lot easier. From knowing what currency is used and what timezone you’re in, to the local customs and weather to expect, we’ve got you sorted below:

India facts for travellers


Indian rupee

Money Exchange

Use credit cards where possible – they are widely accepted, especially in larger establishments. ATMs for cash withdrawal are widely available. Clean, undamaged notes can be exchanged at banks – take photo ID and try to avoid receiving large denomination rupee notes as they may be difficult to use.


Hindi and English are the languages used for official purposes. There are 22 officially recognised languages in India and several hundred other languages. Indian tour leaders and many people involved in the tourism industry speak English.

Time Zone

UTC/GMT +5:30


Sockets are mostly 230 volts AC, 50 Hz. Sockets accept plugs with two round pins or three round pins.

Travel Immunisations

Check that your immunisations are up to date before travel. Many travellers get Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations before travelling to India. Check with your doctor or travellers' medical centre for specific advice for your India tour.

Weather in India

India has a warm, tropical climate. It is a large country with mountains, deserts and beaches so the weather is variable – it can be cold in the Himalaya in the north, warm in the centre and hot at the beaches of the south. Monsoon season is from late May to August and is characterised by downpours, hot sun and high humidity. The monsoon hits Kerala in May and makes its way across the country in the following months.

The best time to visit India

Generally, the best time to visit India is between October and March. At this time the weather is reasonable across the country – bearing in mind that this land is vast and varied. If you are visiting the Golden Triangle and Rajasthan, the weather will be warm and dry between October and March. Goa and the beaches of the south will be fine between October and May, while Kerala is best between September and March.

Weather in Delhi – Average Temperature and Rainfall

October to March – warm and dry

  • Daily high temperature: between 21 and 33 degrees (coolest in Jan).
  • Days with rain per month: between 1 and 4 days.

April to September – hot and wet

  • Daily high temperature: between 34 and 39 degrees.
  • Days with rain per month: between 3 and 12 days (wettest in Jul and Aug).

Indian Food and Drinks

Indian food has travelled around the world, known for its array of distinctly different, flavoursome curries. Across this vast country, different regions produce different flavours, from the hot curries of the south to the mild kormas of the north. Street food is a highlight, with an array of tasty fried morsels on offer on every city corner.

If food is your thing, consider taking a food tour of India, where you'll visit markets, find out about local ingredients and learn to cook traditional dishes. Classic Indian dishes that you will no doubt sample on any India tour include:

  • Samosas – crispy pastry triangles filled with spiced potatoes.
  • Vada – a savoury donut-style snack with many different varieties.
  • Biryani – a rice dish mixed with vegetables, chicken or lamb.
  • Lentil dal varieties, such as Tarka Dal and Dal Makhani.
  • Kofta – vegetable and flour dumplings served in a curry sauce.
  • Flatbreads served with curries, such as naan, paratha, puri and bhatura.

Shopping in India

India is home to some wonderful handcraft traditions and there is an abundance of colourful textile techniques. Browsing in local markets and shops is a great way to spend an afternoon as you tour India. If you are interested in purchasing something at a market, bargaining is expected. Bargaining should always be done in a cheerful way and, as a traveller, you should avoid haggling too hard over the last couple of rupees. Once a price is agreed upon, you must buy the item.

Indian travel souvenirs and local handicrafts include:

  • Block printed textiles, embroidery, weaving.
  • Indian cotton, wool or silk garments.
  • Jewellery, wood carvings, leatherwork.
  • Saris and chappals (leather sandals).
  • The blue pottery of Jaipur.

India Customs and Etiquette

When travelling to any country, it is important to respect local customs. As a general rule of thumb, if you are not sure what is appropriate, observe what locals are doing and modify your behaviour to suit.

In India, eating with your hands rather than cutlery is the norm. Try to join the local way of eating but ensure you only use your right hand to eat – your left hand is considered unclean. In general, don't use your left hand for passing things to others or touching things. General guidelines for etiquette while you are on a tour of India include:

  • Use a person's title to show respect – Mr, Mrs, Doctor, Sir, Ma'am etc.
  • Dress tidily and conservatively, with knees and shoulders covered.
  • Respect local temples, shrines and mosques by following their guidelines (which vary between sites, but include things such as such as removing shoes, dressing conservatively and not taking photos).
  • Avoid public displays of affection – or even touching – between men and women.

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