Inca Trail Tours

Things to do in Inca Trail

  • 1The fascinating city of Cuzco.
  • 2The gorgeous scenery of the Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • 3The ruins of Sacsayhuaman.
  • 4Unique cultures and rare flora and fauna.
  • 5Sunrise at the citadel of Machu Picchu.

Visit Inca Trail

Do you consider yourself a history nut? Fascinated by ancient cultures? Maybe you value a long walk and breathtaking scenery, ruins are a plus of course, but you’re just in it for the challenge. Whatever your reasons, the Inca Trail has become a popular test of mental, physical and emotional resilience, as trekkers tour the mountains and valleys of wonderful Peru, a geological miracle and a geographical gem.

The Inca Trail represents a perfect storm of ingredients; a pinch of beauty to catch the eye, a dash of history to soothe the mind, endless beauty for the heart and the pay-off at the end, a physical conquest and a truly magical citadel, cresting the world . Machu Picchu.

So, this trail is a big deal? Following a passage that spans days, Inca Trailers are normally very fit, spending months walking variable distances and experimenting with different terrains; you don’t have to be a triathlete, but it certainly helps to have some physical reserves.

Popular City to Visit

  • Arequipa
  • Cuzco
  • Colca Canyon
  • Lima
  • Puno

Spend some time in the captivating Cuzco before you go, introducing your body to the fluctuating pressures; while you won’t be struggling for air every step of the way, the air will grow thin in certain places. After you’ve sorted out the logistics (passport, sleeping bag, clothing, water bottle etc), get ready to explore high alpine woodlands, fragrant and shady, deep valleys and luminous cloud forests, sure to make you stare in wonder.

The dwarfing Vilcanota ranges frame your progress, standing against the horizon, competing for you attention when faced with a colour field of flowers and shrubs, waterfalls and freshwater rivers, before passing through Abra Warmihuanusca and down again. You won’t be thinking about the destination, the Inca Trail is all about the journey.

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