Iguazu Falls Tour

Straddling a tri-border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, the falls are a spectacle to treasure; each country offers a completely refreshed perspective, which one will you like best?

Visiting Iguazu Falls

There is something about a waterfall that magnetises even the most churlish among us, drawing travellers to its rails, inspiring wide smiles and gasps of awe. From hidden trickles to thundering cascades, the rapids of the world are numerous and beautiful, though Iguazu Falls has long been a favourite of UNESCO bucket listers.

A perfect conduit for cross border adventure, begin your journey in either Argentina or Brazil, sampling the local delights of the unique neighbouring towns, before making your way to Iguazu Falls. The trails are magnificently composed, winding through varied terrains and accounting for difficulty, exposing intrepid souls to the sights and sounds of the jungle; bird song serenades your journey and the chittering of monkeys can be heard, swinging around in the emerald canopy.

But what side is better? Brazil or Argentina? Consensus holds it all depends on what you’re searching for! Argentina hosts an up close and incredibly personal view, as you’re brought near the white-water, feeling the spray on your cheeks; the impact will vibrate through the soles of your shoes. Brazil provides a panoramic experience, zooming out from the visceral sight of Argentinean Iguazu, to a holistic wow moment; it is not possible to completely describe the vastness or power of Iguazu.

Is there anything you must do? If you like the idea of getting in the water with the falls, a boat ride among the tides will satisfy the thrill seeker in you and provide an opportune moment for a few unbeatable holiday snaps.

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