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Though situated in heart of Europe, Hungary is a unique land with a proud and distinctive cultural heritage. An adventure tour to Hungary will take you to the land of the Magyar people, whose language and culture are distinct from any in the rest of Europe.

Things to do in Hungary

  • 1Culture rich Budapest
  • 2Medieval city of Sopron
  • 3Medieval hilltop castle of Visegrad
  • 4Boating and fishing on Lake Balaton
  • 5Grand spa resorts

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Hungary

Visit Hungary

The capital, Budapest, is actually two splendid cities, Buda and Pest, divided by the romantic River Danube. This vibrant capital is a world-class centre of culture with lively clubs and cafes and performances of the evocative music of famed Hungarian composers Franz Liszt and Bela Bartok.

Must-See Places

  • The Capital cities of Budapest
  • Lake Balaton
  • Medieval Sopron
  • The hilltop castle of Visegrad
  • Basilica of Esztergom 
  • Village of Holloko

Beyond charming Budapest, there's boating and fishing on Lake Balaton, the charming medieval city of Sopron, lovely vineyards, the hilltop castle of Visegrad, the imposing basilica of Esztergom and the tucked away village of Holloko, where rich folk traditions survive.

Beneath the earth lie some of the richest geothermal and medicinal water resources anywhere in the world. Spa resorts have sprung up here since Roman times and a visit to a grand spa resort for a soak in the hot springs is a must on any visit to Hungary.

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