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The Himalayas are at the forefront of many minds, a beacon of extremes and insurmountable beauty, and a natural fault line running between the Asian peninsulas, including the Plateau of Tibet, and the India subcontinent. Strewn with impossible valleys, crystalline lakes and terrifying mountains, unrivalled in their majesty or grandiosity.

Things to do in The Himalayas

  • 1The ancient trading post of Leh and the capital of Ladakh
  • 2Rishikesh is a hub of healing and inner peace.
  • 3Shimla, take a peek at where colonials escaped the blistering heat.
  • 4The Annapurna Circuit. Challenging, confronting and splendid. Need we say more?
  • 5Dharamsala is the sanctuary and final stand in the Tibetan way of life.

Adventure-seekers and curious visitors are often captivated by scenes below sea level, as the surviving fauna is wearing and graceful, from the endearing red panda, to the Himalayan Marmot. Far from a barren wasteland of snow-capped peaks and unforgiving cliff faces, the Himalayas is an assortment of landscapes and eco-systems, framed by rivets of mountain ranges and the great heights of Mount Everest.

There are countless ways to explore the Himalayan zone; from the challenging Annapurna circuit, to a quick trip into Ladakh, unsettling the last remaining vestiges of a pristine Buddhist oasis. Visitors can start their trip either side of the ranges, cutting through India and sampling a sizzling siesta in Delhi, the legend of Rajasthan and the grace of Agra, before delving into the ranges and stopping  over in Kathmandu. Alternatively, Nepal may be bidding you over the borders, a peaceful sanctuary of prayer flags and spiritual enlightenment, as you are bewitched by ancient temples and sky-reaching stupas, cradled in altitude valleys or clinging to narrow paths.

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