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If you're tickled by preserved cities and the seamless blending of modern innovations and respected traditions, the spirit of Vietnam is best embodied on the banks of magical Hanoi.

Things to do in Hanoi

  • 1Lose yourself on the trails and treks of the Vuon Bach Thao.
  • 2Witness the relic of Duong Lam, an ancient place with a regal past.
  • 3Catch a lively performance at the nicely balanced Nha Hat Lon.
  • 4Zip around the Old Quarter on a motorbike.
  • 5Learn how to make genuine Vietnamese food at the Hanoi Cooking Centre.

The chic Parisian influences of French Colonisation still prevail, jumbling together with a signature high speed lifestyle and a tangle of motorbike revs, happy vendors and welcoming locals. The Old Quarter lives up to its name, celebrating its 1000th birthday some time ago; preserved merchant houses, original lanes and stately households catch the eye, refitted as restaurants and tea houses, or kept still and out of time, for the interest of budding historians.

Must-Do Activities

  • Meander the streets of The Old Quarter
  • Temple of Literature
  • The Hang Bac Temple
  • West Lake shops & gardens

Colonial Hanoi on the other hand, shows a little wear and tear, though the resplendent mansions, tree lined lanes and romantic villas make a permanent mark, from the Presidential Palace, to the quirky Hotel Metropole.

Start slow (you’ll need your energy) and wander the grounds of the Temple of Literature, a trebled offering, housing gardens, museums and religious effigies, steeped in the national narrative as Vietnam’s first University. As you meander along the aging streets of the Old Quarter, peaking into abandoned villas and marvelling at the differences and treasures within, remember to snap up a souvenir and grab a bite to eat.

But beware; Vietnamese like it hot. The Hang Bac Temple, despite its name, is not a sight to hold back from, boasting glorious colours and a rich story; snap up a memento of the Communist influence in Hanoi, as a Lenin stands proudly over Nguyen Thai Hoc avenue, or take a relaxing ride down the lovely West Lake, fringed by shops and rolling gardens.

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