Great Wall of China Tours

Things to do in The Great Wall

  • 1Test your fitness against the dragons’ tail and climb the Badaling section.
  • 2Appreciate the timelessness of the Mutianyu wall, built from granite and cushioned by forests of aged pines, between 100 and 300 years old.
  • 3Be wowed by the contrary views of Yangguan, where parched earth meets snow-capped peaks and sample the fruits of the region.
  • 4Go into the heart of the Wall and explore Zhenbeitai.
  • 5Survey and savour the unique lines of Huanghuacheng, atop of a crescent moon reservoir.

Visit The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall stretches its long stone arms from Shanhaiguan, to the southern reaches of Inner Mongolia. Myth suggests there were seven powerful states, proud and independent; each kingdom built fortifications to keep their enemies at bay, stationing soldiers on the man-made stone cliffs. After conquering these kingdoms in 221BC, Emperor Qin expanded the structure, joining the irregular out-crops with stone segments of his own.

Beholding the sweeping ramparts coiled along the Chinese hills is a mouth curving experience; the proud watch stations and hundreds of kilometres of history underfoot transports travellers from the modern day to the time of the Ming Dynasty. Great Wall of China tours are tailored to seekers of true majesty; from the stunning rock-cut Maijishan Grottoes to the staggering Caves of a Thousand Buddha’s, running a successive grouping of temples in the Gansu province.

While the grandiose postcard battlements attract thousands, the grassroots of The Wall lies further on, west of Jiayugan. The Han Dynasty packed with sand and weed tightly, ignoring the advances of its neighbouring builders. Help keep the legends of the Wall alive before they disappear into musty pages – The Wall isn’t just a landmark to tick off a bucket list – it is a bucket list within itself.

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