Gobi Desert

Things to do in Gobi Desert

  • 1The Saxul Forest, hosting numerous fossilised dinosaur eggs and complete skeletons.
  • 2The caves, cracks and fissures of Canyon of Yolyn Am
  • 3The indescribable Flaming Cliffs (Bayanzag)
  • 4Friendly and fast paced people, always willing to help with directions.
  • 5A somewhat confusing, if charming, nomadic road system. Always changing, every day.

Visit The Gobi Desert in Mongolia

The Gobi Desert is a remote, wind-swept utopia of impossible sights and brilliant star-gazing, it is here adventurers become hooked on the chilled climate and unpredictability of the sand dunes. There is a misleading impression that every desert is the same, red and orange sand, piled high and capped off by loose grains, disturbed only by the steady tread of a camel line or a string of 4WD’s – dead, barren, undisturbed and with good reason. Though it may be hard to believe, as first impressions confirm this rugged opinion, the Gobi is teeming with life and scuttling intrigue. It is cold, not hot, as temperatures can reach extremes of minus forty-three and snow can merge with sand, a confusing globe of environments.

Must-Do Activities

  •  Canyon of Yolyn Am

Cool your heels in the civilised Ulaan Baatar and stock up on a few essential comforts; you won’t find a convenience store anywhere in the desert. Ready? So are we. Strap yourself in and fly into the Gobi, be prepared for cool conditions and blistering days, as the whims of climate are subject to themselves – it’s best to check with your guides before you leave. Fancy yourself a camel-rider? No? Well, there’s a first time for everything!

Take the reins and follow the nomadic roads of the Mongols to the Canyon of Yolyn Am, a cavernous faultline between two mammoth mount ranges; outside the summer months the stream is frozen and almost crystal clear, a watery diamond spine of ice reaching out. On its banks are purple and yellow flowers, delicate and twined, waiting to be plucked as a keepsake, before exploring the sky for desert eagles, looking for their next meal.

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