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Things to do in Gallipoli

  • 1Anzac Cove
  • 2The Gallipoli War Museum
  • 3Island of Gokceada
  • 4Turkish Military Museum, Cannakkale
  • 5Visit the Gallipoli War Museum; you will never forget it.

Visiting Gallipoli

Gallipoli stands staggered by time and memory, an ever-present dedication to the fallen ANZACS and Turkish soldiers who battled their weary days into the history books, concluding in a flood of sacrifice and a substantial history lesson. The peninsula is carved out of the Aegean Sea, a haggard cliff face and strangely captivating array of oranges, yellows and reds mingle with the emerald shrubbery, creating a striking vista clashing with the cobalt waters washing into shore.

Though it enjoys a modest visitations throughout the year, Gallipoli is swamped with local commemorators and respectful foreigners every April 25th, as the ANZAC dawn service sounds off against the rising sun, and thousands of Australians, New Zealanders, Britons and French stand shoulder to shoulder with the modern Turkish, recognising both the cost of the campaign and the realities that sprang from the revolution it inspired.

Though Anzac Cove only spans 600 metres, it will absorb your thoughts and humble your gripes with the world, as battle raged almost a century ago is still poignant, further punctuated by the Gallipoli War Museum. Sand bags, barbed wire, histories, letters, discarded clothing, a rare fused bullet and the stories of heroes from any angle.

Leaving the heaviness behind for a moment, explore the isolated island of Gokceada, pristine and undisturbed by modern tourism, or get the other side of the story in Cannakkale, in the Turkish Military Museum.

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