Tour Galapagos Island

Things to do in Galapagos Islands

  • 1Intriguing and unique flora and fauna
  • 2Getting up close to iguanas, giant tortoises and green sea turtles
  • 3Diving and snorkelling to see rich marine life

Visiting Galapagos Islands

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin on an adventure tour to the Galapagos Islands. One thousand kilometres off the coast of Ecuador, these magical islands are high on the list of must-see destinations for wildlife enthusiasts.

Here you can swim with penguins, seals and sea lions and walk along isolated beaches with giant iguanas scurrying at your feet. The wildlife is so unafraid of humans that it's possible to get up close and personal with all manner of creatures.

Stand next to a blue-footed booby feeding its young, watch a giant 200 kilogram tortoise lumbering through a cactus forest and snorkel with green sea turtles. Overhead you'll see albatrosses in majestic flight and all manner of other bird species.

As well as an abundance of intriguing flora and fauna, the 17 islands of the Galapagos Archipelago have an interesting volcanic geography. Snorkelling and diving in the Galapagos are also rewarding. Scientists have recorded 307 species of fish in the islands, and schools containing thousands of tropical fish are routinely seen.

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