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  • 1Archaeological Garden
  • 2Musical concerts at Alte Oper
  • 3Oper Frankfurt
  • 4The Zeil
  • 5Kaiserstraße's restaurants and cafes

Visiting Frankfurt

History buffs will appreciate the learning opportunities provided by visiting Frankfurt, the central German city dating back to the 7th century. Frankfurt City Hall itself dates back to the 1400s, comprised of nine houses called the Römer that are filled with centuries of history, fascinating facts, and an excellent place to lose a few hours.

Architectural buffs will also appreciate the Archaeological Garden, containing a 6th century Ancient Roman settlement. This really will provide some jealousy-inspiring stories for the loved ones back home.

You’re not really in Germany unless you’ve experienced some sort of musical event. Opera may not be everyone’s favourite spectator event, but the Alte Oper may just change that. The building is a spectacular reconstruction of the major opera house damaged in WWII.

They don’t actually perform operas there any more – you have to go to the Oper Frankfurt for that – but you can see any number of concerts at the Alte Oper, giving you serious bragging rights and cultural kudos.

No trip to Frankfurt is complete without some decent retail therapy. The Zeil is the most well-known shopping district, with a vast street shut off to everyone except pedestrians. You can mingle with the crowd, people-watch, and shop to your heart’s content. If you are looking for something a little more exclusive, you will want to find Goethestraße, Frankfurt’s most expensive shopping street.

You will find every high-end fashion brand you could want here. Of course all this shopping makes a traveller hungry, so hunt out Kaiserstraße for your pick of restaurants and cafes. Here is also a handy place to have a guide, as Kaiserstraße was previously Frankfurt’s red-light district.

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