France Tours

Ah, la belle France. How gorgeous you are with your mind-boggling art, sophisticated architecture and effortlessly stylish denizens. Marie-Antoinette said the people should eat cake, and the French have been taking her literally ever since.

Things to do in France

  • 1Get an eyeful of the Eiffel Tower
  • 2Cycle your very own Tour de France
  • 3Mingle with the rich and fabulous in Cannes
  • 4Hike the classic Alps trails around Mt Blanc
  • 5Sip bubbles in the home of Champagne

A trip to the patisserie is an education in the incredible array of brioche and macarons, croissants and mille feuille.

But France is not just about Dior and desserts, Matisse and museums. Au contraire! In the northwest, picturesque fishing villages sit peacefully on the infamous beaches of the D-Day landings. In the east, glaciers carve through the towering snowy Alps. Down south you’ll find the hedonistic playground of the French Riviera. Experience the joie de vivre of all things French!

From the boulevards of romantic Paris to the chateaux of the Loire Valley, the bustling markets and charming villages of Provence and the jet set resorts of the Riviera, La Belle France is a feast for the senses, with famed cuisine, fabulous fashion, fine wines and galleries and museums filled with art to take the breath away.

Experiences in France

If you are looking for adventure, don't write off France as a place of sparkling champagne and designer couture. Look to Alps for skiing, hiking and cycling tours with a decent shot of adrenalin. Head to the coast for a sailing adventure on the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean. Or take the activity level down to a gentle leg stretch as you cycle your way through vineyards and villages. Options are endless and all pretty brilliant.

Hiking tours

If Western Europe's highest mountain, Mont Blanc, doesn't make you want to grab your boots and Gore-tex and head out the door, you're not really a hiker.

Cycling tours

Pop a basket on the front of your bike and wind your way through the vineyards of Burgundy, the lavender fields of Provence or the chateaux of the Loire Valley.

Tour de France tours

Don your lycra and fly down the classic cols of the Tour De France. A hard-core cycling tour in France is a must for bike racing enthusiasts.

Food and wine tours

If you're into wine, a tour to Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux or Alsace is like a meeting a rock star in the flesh. Cheers to that.

Walking tours

Put yourself in a real-life Cezanne painting as you stroll through the quiet villages and picturesque landscapes of France.

Skiing tours

Throw a French snowball as you walk, ski, snowshoe or otherwise get around the icy white stuff in the beautiful French Pyrenees or Alps.

Multi-country tours

Extend your tour in France and turn it into a European adventure through the best of Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom or Switzerland.

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