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Things to do in Falkland Islands

  • 1Meet the King Penguins at Volunteer Point
  • 2Relax in wonder by the blue water of Gypsy Cove
  • 3Drop in and say hello to a thriving colony of Gentoo Penguins at Bluff Cove
  • 4Relive the Falklands Conflict at Mount Longdon
  • 5Walk the Penguin Highway on Saunders Island

A patch-work archipelago of rock, earth and icy sleet, the Falkland Islands may seem like a forgotten stop-over on adventure south, to the Great White Continent below – though East and West Falkland are favoured by a dry, cloudy days and a transitional climate. Though you won’t be a chatter box of teeth and goose-bumps, you’ll pass up the idea of sunbaking on fine days, as the wind is fresh and cutting.  Though a pint or two at a local pub will soon warm you down to your wellies, the Falkland Islands are not to be wasted on indoor meandering and regional galleries. While culture certainly has a place on either main island, considering the colourful history and origin story of the Kepler’s, the natural beauty should arrest both your attention and your senses.

Imagine penguins, blankets of billed, sleek, slippery bodies, waddling loudly to and fro, packed in by their thousands. Guarding eggs, socialising, cleaning, arguing and falling in love, the Falkland Islands is one epicentre of penguin society, as visitors come every year to gasp and gaze at the unimaginable sight of so many lithe, wriggling animals packed into one place. Also beached on the rocks and sand are elephant seals, breeding in high numbers, taunting enterprising killer whales and chasing Peale’s dolphins; families of black-browned albatross glide overhead, wowing ground dwellers with an expansive wingspan and unequivocal grace. Are you ready to walk on the wild side?

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