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Things to do in Ephesus

  • 1View life as it would have been for ancient noblemen at the Terrace Houses.
  • 2The fascinating remains of the Library of Celsus, once stocked with scrolls and other reading material is a must-see.
  • 3Visit the Great Theatre of Ephesus that once held up to 25,000 people.
  • 4The Square of Domitian contains the remains of the Pollio and Domitian fountains.

Once considered to be one of the greatest cities in Ancient Rome (second only to Rome), Ephesus is an ancient treasure trove of antiquities, statues, temples and artefacts. Home of the Temple of Artemis (or Diana), which was said to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Ephesus was as popular a tourist attraction in ancient Rome as it is today.

Sections of Ephesus that have been unearthed have been so well preserved, if you could add a toga and pair of handmade leather sandals, it’s possible to believe you were a resident of the ancient city. In fact, despite the extensive excavation work on many of the large sites that has been carried out over recent years, one of the most popular sites is the Terrace Houses. Each of these houses, owned by wealthy Romans, had central heating, a bath and featured beautifully designed wall frescoes and mosaic tiled floors.

If you can pull yourself away from the extravagance that was ancient Roman housing, it’s hard to know which site to look at next. One of the most popular ancient sites to visit is the remains of the Library of Celsus. Originally three stories, its rooms were stocked with scrolls and the reading room faced east to catch the morning sun. Just off the road leading to the Library you’ll find the remains of an ancient brothel beside a sophisticated example of the public latrines.

And no visit to Ephesus would be complete without a visit to the Great Theatre of Ephesus. This magnificent example of early Roman architecture rises 100 feet into the air and seats 25,000 people.

So many magnificent structures have been unearthed in Ephesus, it pays to get a local guide to show you around so you can see as much as possible. Some of these ancient structures include the Square to Domitian where you can see the remains of the Pollio and Domitian fountains, the Memmius Monument and the Hercules Gate.

To view the magnificence of Ephesus is almost impossible to do in one day so if you have a fascination with the ancient culture of Rome, then allow yourself a couple of days to soak up the atmosphere.

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