El Calafate Tours

Things to do in El Calafate

  • 1Feel the tranquillity of Estancia Cristina.
  • 2Be pleasantly surprised by the Bosque Petrificado La Leona.
  • 3Stand captivated by Lago Argentino.
  • 4Boat beneath a majestic glacier or two, and ponder your place.
  • 5Speed down the zip line at Cerro Frias.

Visiting El Calafate

El Calafate was once a backwater, a centrepiece in the middle of nowhere, hemmed by natural wonders and an intimate culture. Fast forward a decade and the landscape is still striking, highly addictive and the perfect wintertime for adventure seekers; the biggest change is the development and globalisation of the village. The chocolate shops alone justify a long holiday and a stroll down the kitschy laneways.

A region of majestic visuals, it isn’t any wonder why El Calafate become an Argentinean must see, as the deep cobalt blue of Lago Argentino drags visitors in by their eyeballs, staying their will to move on. The largest lake in Argentina, thousands of travellers beset its shores with adoring gazes; many stay to watch the blues dance and change. You could too.

Must-Do Activities

  • Upsala Glacier
  • Calbalgata de Glacier
  • Cruise the crisp waters of Lago Argentino

After you’ve torn yourself away, chill out and rug up, as the expansive Upsala Glacier awaits; if you prefer to gallop along lush ridges and towering mountains, climb astride a local stead and enjoy a half day ride to Cabalgata de Glacier. 

Do you consider yourself a could-be seaman or woman? Board a local tour boat and set sail, cruising the crisp waters of Lago Argentino and viewing the imposing white-walls of Upsala, without the buffer of distance. Though it may be windy, and you’ll surely shiver, it’s an experience not to be missed.

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