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Things to do in Datong

  • 1Your first stop must be Hengshan Hanging Temple. You won’t want to leave.
  • 2Explore the extensive cave system of The Yugang Grottoes.
  • 3Don’t judge the Huayan Temple of Datong by its façade. Step inside.
  • 4Walk the trails and scale Heng Mountain.
  • 5Watch the serpents dance on the Nine Dragon Screen.

Visit Datong

While visiting the Shanxai province, China adventurers will uncover a vestige of historical significance; Datong isn’t the biggest city, there aren’t many Western conveniences and the locals are still adjusting to the sight of tourists traipsing through their villages.

Indeed, Datong emits an air of the undiscovered and mysterious, breaking away from the delicate foundations of other Chinese cities and commanding both attention and respect with its rugged peaks and surrounding hills. You will be hard pressed to resist its newfound pull.

Must-See Places

  • The 14,000 years old Hengshan Hanging Temple
  • The Yungang Grottoes
  • Ying Xian Wooden Pagoda

Breathtaking, inspiring, a spectacle inspiring speechlessness, Datong both puzzles and amazes globe trotters just like you; architecture buffs will be riveted by the Hengshan Hanging Temple, a monastery numbering 14,000 years in age and billions of meandering footsteps, hewn into the rock wall. The Yungang Grottoes sustain your sense of wonder, as you explore the east, west and central corridors, eventually stumbling upon magnificently carved Buddhas and 51,000 statues to steal your breath away.

For something earthier, take a quick trip out of town and visit the Ying Xian Wooden Pagoda built in 1056, puzzling scientists and mathematicians worldwide ever since; though you can no longer climb the stairs of the interior, the foyer itself will cultivate enough wondrous imaginings for you to pack away in your suitcase. You’ll be tempted to return again and again, such is the charm of Datong.

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