Cusco Tours

Things to do in Cusco

  • 1Immerse yourself in ancient Cuzco at the site of Sacsayhuaman.
  • 2Be surprised by the beauty of the Salinas de Maras.
  • 3Learn of the eminence of Inti, the Incan Sun God, at Coricancha.
  • 4You’ll fall in love with Pisac upon first sight – almost better than Macchu Picchu!
  • 5Stretch your legs on the striking Ausangate circuit.

Visiting Cusco

You may have heard of the Incan citadel upon a mountain top, long ago lost to the annuals of history until 1911, when a wily explorer discovered what the Spaniards has missed, hidden in a valley at the peak of the world. Cuzco is often cast in a supporting role, affectionately reflected upon and always pulsing with globe trotters and holiday makers; if you’re planning on a South American or Peruvian adventure, Cuzco will provide days of distractions and splendours.

The land beneath your feet was paved by Incas, their sweat and stories worn into the stones, later built up by sophisticated colonial architecture and spattered with Spanish influences. The cobbled streets hide many delightful secrets – which path will you take into the centre of Cuzco?

Must-Do Activities

  • The ruins of Choquequirao 
  • Plaza De Armas

Although you will undoubtedly feel the magnetic effect of Macchu Picchu, don’t abandon the other wonders surrounding Cuzco; but what else is there? Choquequirao is considered the little sister to the ancient city in the clouds, possessed by its own fascinations and features. A palace of curiosities, including reliefs of Llamas patterned into the brick work, marked by white stones; you’ll be struck by the gravity of the atmosphere.

Head back into town and grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant before heading to Plaza de Armas or Huacaypata, the centre of commerce and occupation, erected by colonials on sacred bedrocks. Today, the buildings and cathedrals provide a stark contrast between cultures, as the comparatively modern building enclosing the square will give you much to ponder while you admire the view.

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