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Things to do in Cuba

  • 1Tour the Old City of Havana in a classic car
  • 2Take salsa lessons and get into the live music scene
  • 3Visit the Che Guevara Museum
  • 4Explore the pirate history of Baracoa
  • 5Beautiful beaches of Trinidad and Maria La Gorda

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Cuba

Visiting Cuba

Land of cigars, vintage cars, rum-based mojitos, pirates, Che Guevara murals and music, music and more music, an adventure tour to Cuba is a revolutionary revelation. The main island is the largest in the Caribbean, surrounded by an archipelago of more than 4000 islands.

Well preserved ecosystems, variegated landscapes and a vast array of flora and fauna make Cuba an exceptional Caribbean destination for nature lovers. Here you'll find lush tropical rainforests where rare orchids grow, dry mountainous areas with prehistoric cacti, everglades populated by manatee and flamingos, and more than 100 nature trails and hiking paths.

On the coast and outlying islands there are gorgeous beaches, sailing, cruising, diving and snorkelling.

Our Top Recommended Tours to Cuba

  • Classic Cuba
  • Express Cuba
  • Best of Cuba
  • Cycling Cuba
  • Grand Cuba
  • Cuba Music & Dance

In the capital, Havana, tour the Old City (a UNESCO World Heritage site) on foot or in a classic vintage automobile and visit the favourite haunts of novelist Ernest Hemingway and fine museums and galleries. At night, the city's famous bars and nightclubs are alive with music. Take salsa lessons so you can join in the fun on the dance floor with the locals.

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