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Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels

Imagine complete darkness, only a bare sliver of light creeping through to guide you down the tunnels of history, conflict and guerrilla warfare.

Adventurers can channel their intrepid spirit and thirst for something a little out of the ordinary by packing a bag and boarding the plane to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon); after tramping around the French Colonial quarter of the city and snapping up a bargain from one of the many vendors, sober yourself and go back to wartime Vietnam.

Originally built by enterprising Viet Cong, the Cu Chi Tunnels are a seemingly endless network of passages, spanning thousands of miles; perhaps one of the most concentrated patches, the Cu Chi district is the perfect place to dip your feet into the waters of underground routes.

Once riddled with booby traps, injured soldiers, food trains and supplies, the tunnels have been dug out further for tours and exhibition – should you choose to go into the maze itself, you will enjoy an 80cm high ceiling. Does that sound cramp?

Consider living in darkness for years with the earth around you, at only 60cm from ground to roof. The experience will truly lend some perspective to the disastrous, though education Vietnam War.

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