Croatia Tours

Things to do in Croatia

  • 1The fabulous island of Hvar
  • 2Dubrovnik, 'Pearl of the Adriatic'
  • 3The beautiful historic town of Split
  • 4Rab's unspoiled beaches and hills
  • 5Roman ruins at Pula

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Croatia

Visiting Croatia

With a glorious Mediterranean coastline dotted with over 1000 islands, Croatia is a magnet for yachties and beachgoers. An adventure tour to Croatia, however, is also an opportunity to uncover the country's rich cultural heritage, lively cities and beguiling interior landscapes.

Must-Do Activities

  • Walking along Dubrovnik
  • Climb Mt Srd
  • Hvar Town's nightspots
  • Kopacki Rit Nature Park
  • Roman ruins at Pula

Walk the famed city walls of Dubrovnik, the 'Pearl of the Adriatic', and explore its Renaissance architecture and sparkling sea port, admire the Baroque architecture of Varazdin and Zagreb, climb Mt Srd, spend an afternoon hiking among the island of Hvar's fields of lavender and rosemary then party the night away in Hvar Town's nightspots, explore the Kopacki Rit Nature Park by canoe, wander the Roman ruins at Pula and the site of Roman Emperor Diocletian's retirement in Split, dine on traditional treats at a hillside vineyard, swim or boat across warm, turquoise waters to Beld's island church (where legend has it that if you ring the church's bell your wish will be granted) and explore Rab's unspoiled beaches and hills.

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