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You’ve been to the Grand Canyon; you’ve travelled the continents searching for geological marvels and feel yourself well accomplished, an expert even, in the spectacle of a fascinating planet. Perhaps you’ve never been anywhere or explored only the reaches of your own backyard, barely finding time to make a journey count, without checking your email or Facebook every twenty seconds.

The Colca Canyon will make you forget all about your work life, water cooler issues and everything else clogging up your schedule. A natural kingdom in Arequipa, the Colca Canyon is perhaps Peru’s biggest drawcard, a dumbfounding canyon reaching to depths of 4, 160 metres and staggering even the most experienced adventurers with its evanescent beauty and imbued history.

Though mere mortals can hardly flit between warm thermals and ride the air, the panorama at the tip of Cruz del Condor is indescribable. We’ve tried. No adjective or well-turned phrase can grasp just how glorious the spectacle is; the eyes do not need words to appreciate the wonders of a paradise untouched by commercial progress.

In case you’re having trouble picturing yourself sampling the aromatic flavours of a rural dinner, imagine a carpet of greens and earth tones as the locals of Chivay greet you with warmth and authentic hand crafts, guarding the threshold of the tourist trail. The air is humid, though cooling at night and the starlight is dazzling, a bejewelled canopy sectioned off by a cross-latch of peaks and ravines, making the traveller a small observer to the wider production of Peru.

The trails and micro attractions are endless, you’ll feel magnetised to every pictograph and ruin, Incan remnant and scattered rubble, from Cabanaconde to the sublime Sangalle Oasis.

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