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Things to do in Cinque Terre

  • 1Stay with a local renting out a room in their house and experience the lifestyle of the Cinque Terre villages
  • 2Visit the Torre Guardiola for the opportunity to see beautiful local birds and flora, and discover the modern history of the area.
  • 3Indulge your eyesight with the spectacular views of the Footpath Monterosso hiking path
  • 4Walk to see the fabulous Il Gigante statue on the beaches of Monterosso
  • 5Try to visit the Church of San Francesco, and you may even hear the monks singing during their service – a truly beautiful experience in a peaceful little church with beautiful views

Visiting Cinque Terre

If you want a tackiness-free, authentic local holiday, book your trip to Cinque Terre on the Italian coastline. This quiet little UNESCO World Heritage site is a wonderful escape from the hoards of tourist shops and late-night party animals found in so many other European destinations.

Stretched precariously across a number of cliff faces, the five interlinked villages of the Cinque Terre are well-kept, fascinating micro-cultures. The Cinque Terre is a walking holiday, as the National Park status of the villages prevents cars from being driven through the streets, which are instead joined by train.

You can even use the opportunity to hike between the villages, providing spectacular scenery and camera-worthy moments, but be sure to head off early, as authorities can close the national park walking tracks if they get too crowded.

If you get the chance, watch the locals going about their daily business, particularly those that farm the beautifully terraced hillsides. It is a fascinating process, and a great insight into the work ethic of the local villagers.

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