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China is massive – and massively diverse. From the shifting sands of the Gobi desert to Tibet’s icy plateau; from the exotic cities of the old Silk Road to the booming metropolis of uber-hip Shanghai – it is all utterly fascinating.

Things to do in China

  • 1Walk the wondrous Great Wall of China
  • 2Get your dumpling fix in Shanghai
  • 3March with the terracotta army of Xi'an
  • 4Hike through spectacular Tiger Leaping Gorge
  • 5Explore the labyrinth of the Forbidden City

Wander the gorgeous grounds of the Summer Palace, take a rickshaw through the ancient hutongs, experience the imperial opulence of the Forbidden City, find peace at the Temple of Heaven, and get papped by snap-happy schoolgirls in Tiananmen Square.

Chinese food is ubiquitous the world over but there’s nothing like the real deal, in its homeland. Try momos and yak butter tea in Tibet, fiery Sichuan noodles in Chengdu, and every imaginable meat (and some you’ve never dreamed of) sizzling on the street-side barbeques.

Experiences in China

If you would like to dip your toe into this great nation, choose a China tour that will take you to the icons, cities and big-name sights – you'll get a taste of how this fascinating country operates. For something a little more tailored, choose a China tour that suits your interests – perhaps a culinary tour of the cities, a boat cruise down the Yangtzee or a family adventure, touring China with the kids. Remote China offers its own kind of adventure – a journey along the Silk Road or across the Tibetan Plateau will enrich your world view and soothe your soul.

Family Adventure

Dumplings, pandas, an army of terracotta people, acrobats, temples and the world's longest wall. A China family adventure will keep the kids very busy.

Food tours

From Peking duck to Hong Kong yum cha to Sichuan hotpot, the regional cuisines of China have travelled the world. Take a China food tour to learn to shop, cook and eat Chinese style.


In the land where noisy, colourful dragons dance down the street pretty often, festivals are fun. The Harbin Ice Festival is an unusual highlight.

Cycling Tours

A cycling tour amongst the stunning limestone karsts of Yangshuo, through local villages and along quiet backroads will give you insight into China's rural lifestyle.

Hiking tours

Walk along remote sections of the Great Wall, hike through Tiger Leaping Gorge or trek in the beautiful Tibetan Plateau – a China hiking tour will take you off the beaten track.


Take a cruise down the Yangtzee River through the beautiful Three Gorges, or perhaps take a leisurely boat trip on the Grand Canal of Suzhou, the Venice of the East.

World Heritage Sites

China is dripping with World Heritage sites – a heritage tour will take you to the classics, such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors.

Multi-country Tours

To add a little something extra, package up your China tour with a visit to Mongolia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Korea or other neighboring countries.

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