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Tall and slender, with sublime good looks and a penchant for fine wine, Chile is the supermodel of Latin America. Sweeping down from the arid Atacama Desert through the craggy peaks of the Andes and along the rugged Pacific coast, Chile is 4270 kilometres of gobsmacking beauty.

Things to do in Chile

  • 1Hike the untouched wilderness of Patagonia
  • 2Challenge Easter Island’s statues to a staring contest
  • 3Go star-gazing in the Atacama Desert
  • 4Sip local wine in Santiago, Chile’s capital of cool
  • 5Get a serious adrenaline hit in Pucon

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Chile

Chile is a playground for adventure, with the waterfalls and volcanoes of the Lake District, the massive ice fields and rock spires of Patagonia and the vast plains of the Atacama Desert. Head into the cosmopolitan cities, though, and you'll need to strip off your dirty hiking gear and slip into something a little more urbane. The nation’s capital, Santiago, has all the swagger of a city that knows just how cool it is. Ringed by snowy mountains, the city is a cosmopolitan medley of distinct neighbourhoods, packed with museums, hip restaurants, plazas, leafy parks and historic buildings.

Experiences in Chile

Following the line of the Andes down South America, Chile is naturally an adventurer's paradise. Take a tour to Pucon and the Lake District, where you can mountain bike, raft, ski, horse-ride, hike a volcano or soak in thermal hot springs. For something more challenging, the rugged spires and spectacular landscapes of Patagonia beckon. Or take a more leisurely tour stopping in cosmopolitan cities, sampling great Chilean wine and heading into the Atacama Desert to explore the strange rock formations and salt plains.

Hiking Tours

Hike up Villarrica, Chile's picture-perfect snow-capped active volcano, or walk through the surreal landscapes of the Atacama Desert.

Cycling Tours

A bike tour of Chile will take you pedalling through the Andes or discovering the picturesque Lake District – cycling is the perfect way to discover this beautiful country up close.

Trekking Tours

The word 'Patagonia' will strike a warm chord in any trekker's heart. Dazzling white peaks, soaring granite towers and huge glaciers make Chile a brilliant trekking tour destination.

Easter Island Tours

Get totally intrigued as you meet the enormous moai statues of Easter Island. (And yes, the Easter Island statues are not just heads – they really do have bodies.)

Skiing tours

Chile is getting quite a solid reputation as a skiing destination – if you want to ski Chile, head to Valle Nevado near Santiago, Pucon or the beautiful Mt Villarrica.

Multi-country tours

Cross over the Andes and venture from Chile into Argentina on a trans-South America jaunt. Add Brazil or Bolivia into the mix for a complete highlights package deal.

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