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Things to do in Chiang Mai

  • 1Cruise the Mae Ping River and be surrounded the serene scenes and sights.
  • 2Come face to face with the ferocious stripes of the animal kingdom at Tiger Kingdom.
  • 3Hurtle head-first into the Mae Rim on a bungee cord.
  • 4Relax and learn the art of Tai Chi.
  • 5Desire something different? Slither into Mae Sa Snake Farm

Chiang Mai is the second city of Thailand, attracting a cool two million international globe-trotters a year. Relaxed and watchful, the streets of Chiang Mai aren’t springing with tourist markets and sanitised experiences; nestled in the foothills of Northern Thailand, a melting pot of experimental creativity and reverent spiritualism punctuate the jubilant vibe infusing the local atmosphere.

 To pin-point the beginning of a Chiang Mai tour, one must decide the speed of their vacation. Though Western vestiges of progress bounce around the slender lanes and concrete slabs of windows, walls and square spaces, a genuine Thai adventure awaits for those who desire a hint of authenticity. Start small and visit Talat Tonlamyai on the river, a bustling flower market in the heart of Chiang Mai and the only place to delight in the fresh blooms of the surrounding highlands. Escape the natural electricity of the city and bazaars with an orchid tucked away; flowers are rainbow flourishes of reverence in Buddhist tradition. Wat Phan Tao is unique; a once regal sitting, the walls are constructed from polished teak panels, moulded to fit together and supported by many teak pillars. Colourful mosaics ornament the halls and history sleeps in preserved cabinets, packed with palm-leaf Dharma scripts.

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