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Things to do in Chennai

  • 1Meditate on the meaning of life at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple.
  • 2Explore the suburbs of Mylapore, key to historical Chennai.
  • 3Take a bite out of your fear and visit Crocodile Bank.
  • 4Let the tranquillity of Jagannath Temple flow through you.
  • 5Celebrate the strength of faith at the Ramakrishna Temple.

Visit Chennai

The magnetism of Chennai is not aesthetic or cosmetic, there are no big displays or memorable buildings; temples do not stand dedicated to eternal love or to the legacy of kings. Indeed, Chennai was never a kingdom. Today, passing travellers stop by this mid-tier city on their way to elsewhere, momentarily charmed by the medium sized dreams and attractions, tipping the line at just above mediocre.

On the surface, there’s nothing much to keep you here. But Chennai is cunning, hiding its secrets in alley ways and on street corners, as a conglomerate of refined temples start to pop out of the wood work and seduce pedestrians with their finely crafted statues. Will you take a look inside?

Must-See Places

  • Cate to your spiritual side at the Parthasarathy Temple
  • Catch a wave or two at the Marina Beach

Prepare yourself, Chennai is not the ramshackle city Rajasthan would have you believe; sure, the horizon isn’t guarded by pretty castles or imposing forts, but it’s still loaded with places and activities for your India checklist. Forget about Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur, those expensive stops along the historical trail have been visited too frequently by those who live life on the safe side.

Instead, open the door to a whole new side of India as Chennai takes centre stage, offering up opulent temples and sparkling shorelines. Beach enthusiasts and wannabe wave riders enjoy the pounding surf as foot traffic kicks up the sand along the coastline, meandering toward the Parthasarathy Temple along Marina Beach. Built in the 8th century and devoutly dedicated to Lord Krishna, the closely hewn lines and carvings will capture your attention, holding it to the precipice of an encompassing rajagopuram.

Continuing on the temple trail, Kalikambil Temple is striking in both its architecture and execution, dazzling visitors with an atmospheric air and intricate carvings. Though no one is really sure of its origin Kali is a holy place, attracting thousands of pilgrims and local spiritualists.

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