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Things to do in Chengdu

  • 1Visit Baoguang Temple of Chengdu and encounter rare wooden architecture.
  • 2Catch a breath or two under the shade of Wangjianlou Park.
  • 3Take a stroll or have a picnic on the green lawns of Chengdu Botanical Garden.
  • 4Learn about the Panda breeding program at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base.
  • 5Have some light hearted fun at Happy Valley of Chengdu.

Visit Chengdu

The land of Milk and Honey, of laid back Saturdays and a thumping night life, Chengdu is China’s answer to the It Girl reputation of Japan. Fourteen million people live here, building the foundations of a relaxed city, camping on the banks of the Funan River.

The casual, open atmosphere is refreshing, as travellers stop by, not intending to stay long but find themselves caught in the quiet undertow of gorgeous scenery, a thriving alfresco lifestyle, delicious cuisine and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet on your travels.

Must-See Places

  • Witness giant Pandas at Xionmao Jidi
  • Jinsha Site Museum
  • Witness a lantern parade at Jinli Pedestrian St

Though summer temperatures can be scorching, and braving the blazing sun is a challenge too unsafe for some, many choose to make the sojourn through the foothills to the majestic Tibetan Plateau. Just standing there, camel beside you, being able to absorb true natural dominance. There aren’t any words; can we borrow yours?

Although not always a first pick on the scenic route, the black and white faces at Xionmao Jidi latch onto your heart strings, as giant panda humbling chew on bamboo sticks and crunch leave between their teeth. Just feeling like you’re part of something bigger and better than yourself will make you feel warm inside.

Similarly, the prehistoric dig at Jinsha Site Museum will unfold a story you’ll be rapt to hear in detail – we can’t spoil the ending for you. Wait until the cover of darkness arrives; grab some local fare, relax and have a chat, before journeying into the Jinli Pedestrian St, a magical site of impromptu lantern parades.

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