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Things to do in Chamonix

  • 1On the Telecabine Panoramique Mont-Blanc, you won’t wish to be anywhere else.
  • 2Slice through the sky and see the Glacier Des Bossons.
  • 3Grow wings and go parasailing at Chamonix Parapente
  • 4Hike a few days away in the enthralling Reserve Naturelle des Aiguilles Rouges.
  • 5Be spoiled by the magnificent scenery of Lac Cornu.

Visiting Chamonix

Imagine the exhilaration of scaling a rocky mountainside, a cold ice axe gripped in your left hand, as your right hooks in and your feet claw up the sheer cliff face…Chamonix introduced mountaineering to the world, and the world to mountaineering, the summit of Mont Blanc looming in the background.

If buckling yourself into a harness and pushing your limits up a rock wall isn’t quite there for you, the adventure playground of snow sports will certainly entice even the most careful traveller to revel in the wonderland of the French Alps. Skiers, Snowboarders, hobbyists, elite sportsman, right down to families and children gather here, searching for a frozen brand of holiday fun.

Must-Do Activities

  • Skiing Mont Blanc
  • Snowboarding Mont Blanc
  • Cable car to the top of Mont Blanc
  • Aiguille de Midi
  • Skiing at Vallee Blanche

Although the extreme sportspeople among us have already packing their climbing equipment, there’s an easy way to the top if conquering Mont Blanc the traditional way is off the table.

A cable car chugs along, slowly pulling you toward the top, 16,000 feet above sea level; for the trivia buffs out there, those numbers make Mont Blanc Europe’s second highest mountain. And the view? A sparkling vista of snow caps, jutting peaks, rolling valleys and piping chimneys awaits, as you stand on top of the world, grateful you didn’t have to climb to be there.

Similarly, Aiguille de Midi is misleading; though a measly 9,000 feet from base to tip, the cable car ride is an absolute must. Be warned though, your head will swim as you adjust to the air density!

After sampling an unforgettable sunrise from a resplendent crow’s nest, chug on down and take to your skis like a fish to water; if you’re feeling confident (and experienced), the Vallee Blanche will absolutely blow your mind.

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