Cat Ba Island Tours

Things to do in Cat Ba Island

  • 1Spend your days walking the winding, verdant trails of the National Park.
  • 2See the island with a bit more grunt, hiring a motorbike for easy transport.
  • 3Laze in the sun and enjoy the gentle heat of Vietnam, reclining on a secluded beach.
  • 4Get your feet wet and explore Halong Bay by water, paddling or snorkelling.
  • 5Check out the Bond Lair in Hospital Cave…You’ll see what we mean!

Visiting Cat Ba Island

Can you remember the last time you escaped? You’ve been dreaming of a gleaming, beach bound getaway for a while now and the beauty of Halong Bay is difficult to ignore. There are few people, the rush and bluster of the cityscape if far behind you and a shimmering ocean laps at your toes, as you stand on Cat Ba, the largest island in an archipelago of spectacular islets and limestone columns, jutting into the sky.

Before you is the pristine Gulk of Tonkin, the southern channel of South China Sea; beneath the surface is a cornucopia of marine life, underwater cities bursting with thousands of curious and colourful creatures, and behind you, beyond the mountain peak, rests the luscious Cat Ba National Park, the home of dreams, discoveries and perspective changing trails.

Are you ready to leave the real world behind, if only just for a weekend, a week or fourteen days?

Must-Do Activities

Between water sports and two wheels thrills, the imaginative adventurer won’t be able to entertain a bored moment in Cat Ba. Days of nothing are not on the menu.

Working your way inward, starting on the glistening shores and climbing aboard a kayak, sliding through the water to explore the geological marvels surrounding Cat Ba; challenge yourself to climb one, but only if you dare. Return to shore and sample an authentic Vietnamese dish and relax, before diving underground and exploring the fascinating Trung Trang Cave, a wondrous network of ethereal tunnels, spanning over 300 metres.

Geology nuts, explorers and everyday travellers are constantly wowed by sparkling stalactites and deep winding echoes beyond. Conservation is sewn into the values of local Cat Ba, as the National Park is the last home to the Cat Ba Langur; balancing on the precipice of extinction, the golden langur has been cut down to the brief hundreds, making them a rare though awe inspiring sight.  

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